Unrivaled Warrior Novel By Ashley Grey

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Unrivaled Warrior Novel Summary

From a destitute outcast to a man in love, he crossed paths with a woman of power – the group’s president. For love’s sake, she selflessly forsook everything, fleeing with him. Their choice was met with scorn, leaving her heartbroken. Seven years elapsed, and he emerged utterly transformed – now the indomitable God of War, commanding both boundless wealth and power.


Lucian had been the eldest son of the Gray family of Sioux seven years ago. His father was a well-known big shot not just within the city. He could stand toe-to-toe with those of Hohenwald. What awaited him, however, was a spectacular setup where he died horribly in the streets. His cause of death was a mystery. Both he and his mother were expelled from the family following the incident with nothing to their names. They were reduced to the bottom rung of society.

Freya, who was in love with Lucian, was not just a pretty face at school. She was the eldest daughter of the Harrison family. She continued to shine following her graduation and became vice president of the Harrison Group following the success of a large-scale project that was worth millions. Both Freya and he, who had been relegated to being part of the lower class, were people who belonged to different worlds.

She, regardless of her family’s opposition, chose to give everything up to marry him in secret with papers to show for it.
When the Harrisons learned of the matter, the head of the family was furious and forcibly separated the two by taking her away.

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Lucian decided to join the army after wallowing in his misery for a while in hopes that he would be able to make a name for himself by defending the country at the front lines. He wanted their union to be blessed.

His rare talents were quickly unearthed after he joined the military. He had become part of the special forces within the year. He cut off all contact with the outside world and was secretly deployed to the northern borders.

Description of Novels

  • Title: Unrivaled Warrior
  • Author: Ashley Grey
  • Publisher: Tapon
  • Genre: Adventure, Action
  • Language: English

How to Read Novel Unrivaled Warrior Full Episode?

The novel entitled Unrivaled Warrior is very exciting to read. You can read this novel through the Tapon application which you can download on the google play store by searching for “Unrivaled Warrior” in the search menu for the Tapon app or directly open here.

After opening the link that we have provided, click the Read button to start reading the complete novel. When finished, you can continue reading Billionaire Husband Kiss Daily Novel Read Online


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