Time-Limited Engagement Novel By Rebecca Lizzie

In the vast world of literature, stories have the power to captivate our hearts, making us forget about reality, and immersing us in a realm of imagination. One such tale, “Time-Limited Engagement” by Rebecca Lizzie, takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions. In this unique narrative, we delve into the intricacies of family secrets, love, and unexpected turns of fate.

Growing up in the Snyder family, Elena Snyder lived a life filled with love and warmth. However, this idyllic existence took a sudden, unexpected turn when she turned twenty. Elena’s mother had an unusual proposition for her – to act as a surrogate for her older sister. Little did Elena know that this would be the catalyst for discovering a well-guarded family secret. The revelation that Elena was not her father’s legitimate daughter shook her to the core, and the once blissful family dynamics were shattered.

Elena’s mother and older sister were no longer the family she thought they were. Her deepest desire now was to find a place where she truly belonged, a home with her biological parents. Enter James Leach, the enigmatic leader of the Leach family. While logic might dictate that a successful man like him should have a plethora of admirers, James was disinterested in any of them. Fate, it seems, had other plans.

Elena and James found themselves in a precarious situation, thanks to an inadvertent encounter abroad. Elena harbored no affection for him, yet circumstances forced her into an unconventional arrangement. To break free from her controlling surrogate mother of 20 years and salvage her father’s company, Elena reluctantly agreed to a marriage of convenience with James.

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Discovering “Time-Limited Engagement”

  • Title: Time-Limited Engagement
  • Author: Rebecca Lizzie
  • Publisher: LeReader
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: English

Synopsis Time-Limited Engagement Novel

Growing up happily in the Snyder family, Elena Snyder’s life changed drastically when she was twenty years old. Her mother wanted to let her give a surrogate birth for her older sister. After she was designed to have s*x with a strange man, she found out that she was actually the daughter of her father’s mistress. The truth was hard to accept for Elena, and the once-happy family had all changed.

Her mother and older sister were no longer her mother and sister. All she wanted now was a home, a home with her biological parents. James Leach, the leader of the Leach family, had s*x with Elena by mistake while abroad. Reasonably speaking, as sucha successful man, there should be many women around him, but he was not interested in any of them.

Elena didn’t like him, but he forced her to stay with him.To escape the control of her fake mother who raised her for 20 years and to save her father’s company, Elena chose to start their agreed marriage with James.

How to read Time-Limited Engagement Novel?

The narrative woven in “Time-Limited Engagement” is a tapestry of emotions and unexpected twists. To embark on this spellbinding journey, you can access the full episodes of this novel through the LeReader App. You’ll find this app available for download on the Google Play Store. Simply search for “Time-Limited Engagement” in the app’s search menu, or click here for direct access.

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Once you have the app, you’ll be seamlessly guided to the novel’s pages. Click on the “Read” button, and you’ll be transported into the world of Elena and James, where secrets, love, and destiny intertwine in a beautifully intricate dance.


“Time-Limited Engagement” by Rebecca Lizzie is a tale that transcends the ordinary. It’s a novel that beckons to those who appreciate the finer nuances of the Romance genre. But what’s your take on this literary adventure?

We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Let your voice be heard on the pages of Stopabreakup.com, and let’s discuss the captivating world of “Time-Limited Engagement.” Dive into the story, experience the emotions, and share your reflections with fellow readers. Your perspective adds depth to this enchanting journey through the pages of a novel that challenges the very essence of family and love.

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