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Alanna Sharp is the talented author behind the highly acclaimed novel, Susan’s Happily Ever After.

Susan’s Happily Ever After is an engrossing Romance genre novel that has garnered significant interest and attention from readers.

This novel has been published on one of the most popular online novel reading applications, Tapon.

For those curious to read the complete story of Susan’s Happily Ever After in PDF format, we have the information you need.

In this article, we will provide you with the steps to access and read the Full Episode of the captivating novel, Susan’s Happily Ever After. But before that, let’s take a look at the synopsis below.

Susan’s Happily Ever After Novel Summary

After her divorce, Susan Mondragon was a rich divorcee who settled into a relationship with a destitute boyfriend. Not only did he not have any property under his name, but even her own family looked down on them.

At her moving on, her ex-husband also treated them as beneath him-until she discovered her boyfriend’s secret identity: a male escort by night and a president of a transnational corporation by day.

Susan Mondragon woke up with aching bones on the king-size hotel bed; when she saw a strange man still asleep next to her, an involuntary chill instantly came over her. Her eyes stared down at the startling hickeys all over her body. Taking a deep breath, she immediately pulled the covers around herself as her mind flashed back to the scenes of the night before.

She had no idea that her husband, to whom she had been married for three years, had been sleeping with her best friend until the latter came to her in an act of provocation. In a burst of outrage, she slapped that little b*tch across the face, but that scumbag of a husband actually slapped her face in return and forced her to apologize to his mistress!

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In a fit of anger, she went to a bar to drown her sorrows in liquor. However, the more she thought back on her terrible marriage, the more bitter she felt in her drunken haze. Why should I put up with this? Since you scumbag dare to do this to me, don’t blame me for paying you back in your own coin! In her mind, she still vaguely remembered how she had yelled, “Get me the most expensive male escort you’ve got here!”

Novel Details

  • Title: Susan’s Happily Ever After
  • Author: Alanna Sharp
  • Publisher: Tapon
  • Genre: Romance
  • Rating: Very Good
  • Language: English

Read Susan’s Happily Ever After Novel Full Episode

Doesn’t the story sound thrilling? After reading the above synopsis, you must be even more curious about the complete narrative of this novel. Instead of lingering in curiosity, why not dive into the story directly? You can read the novel through the following steps:

  1. First, download and install the Tapon application on your smartphone if you haven’t already.
  2. Once installed, open the Tapon app on your device.
  3. In the search bar, type the complete title “Susan’s Happily Ever After” to find the novel.
  4. Once you find it, double-check if it is indeed the correct novel.
  5. If it is the right one, you can start reading it HERE right away.
  6. Enjoy the read!

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