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In this article, we will provide a concise and informative summary of Possesive CEO Daddy Novel by Lucia Love.

Possesive CEO Daddy Novel tells the story of Iris Parker, who finds herself entangled with the powerful and cold CEO, Garvin Berret, after a one-night stand.

Despite her initial hopes for a future with him, Garvin’s harsh words shatter her dreams. Returning to her city to manage her family business, she soon discovers that a seed has been planted – she’s pregnant with twins that look just like Garvin. Unable to raise them alone, Iris sends one of the twins to Garvin with a cryptic note.

The novel explores the complexities of their relationship and the unexpected turns it takes.

Synopsis Possesive CEO Daddy Novel

After a one-night stand with Garvin Berret, the Powerful and cold CEO, Iris Parker was smitten and she thought there could be something between them. Her hopes crushed by his harsh words, “I don’t eat the same food twice.” Broken, she returned to her city to manage her family business but soon realized that a seed had been planted. Giving birth to a set of twins, she could not endure raising them alone, when they looked exactly like him. She sent one of them to Garvin with a note, “dessert after supper.” Garvin frowned when he received the parcel, his son. He sent people to fetch that blondie but it was as if she disappeared from the face of the earth. After five years his son asked, “Daddy, why does everyone have a mama except me?” The other twin said to Iris, “Mummy please, I want my daddy. A lot of women were ready to marry Garvin and be the mother to his son but he said coldly to each one of them, “only one woman can be my wife and that is my son’s biological mother.”

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Description of Novels

  • Title: Possesive CEO Daddy
  • Author: Lucia Love
  • Publisher: GoodNovel
  • Genre: Romance
  • Language: English

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In conclusion, “Possessive CEO Daddy” is a compelling romance novel that will undoubtedly capture the hearts of readers. If you enjoy the romance genre, this book is a must-read. Please share your thoughts on this novel in the comments section below.

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