Chased Her Around After Breaking off His Engagement Novel, Where to Read?

In the vast realm of literature, the novel “Chased Her Around After Breaking off His Engagement” by F BOY’s DOLL has captured the hearts of readers on the IReader application. With its gripping storyline, this Romance genre novel takes us on a rollercoaster ride through the twists and turns of love, wealth, and identity. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the synopsis, descriptions, and ways to immerse ourselves in the captivating world crafted by the talented author.

Chased Her Around After Breaking off His Engagement Novel Summary

The novel unfolds with Isabella, who, after eighteen years with the Brown family, discovers the shocking revelation of her true identity as a fake daughter. Cast aside when the real daughter returns, Isabella finds herself on the brink of being sent back to a seemingly poor mountain village, only to discover it’s an opulent villa area. Her life transforms overnight as she transitions from a fake daughter to the heiress of a top wealthy family.

Biological parents shower her with affection and lavish gifts, providing her with unimaginable wealth and privilege. Amidst this newfound opulence, she is startled to learn about her engagement to Benjamin Mason, the world’s richest man. Strangely, he seeks her attention even after initiating the break-off of their engagement. Isabella grapples with the perplexing advances from her ex-fiancé, leading to an intriguing exploration of love, wealth, and identity.

Isabella’s journey from a fake daughter to a wealthy heiress takes unexpected turns, especially with the involvement of Benjamin Mason. The narrative explores the dynamics of love, family, and societal pressures, providing readers with a rich and engaging storyline. As Isabella navigates the challenges of her newfound identity, the novel unfolds a narrative that goes beyond the typical romantic tropes, keeping readers hooked till the last page.

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Description of the Novel

  • Title: Chased Her Around After Breaking off His Engagement
  • Author: F BOY’s DOLL
  • Publisher: IReader
  • Genre: Romance

The novel not only captures the essence of romance but also delves into the complexities of societal expectations, wealth, and the unexpected turns life can take. F BOY’s DOLL weaves a tale that goes beyond the conventional romantic narrative, offering readers a unique and immersive experience.

Synopsis of Chased Her Around After Breaking off His Engagement Novel

This novel has the following Synopsis: After staying with the Brown family for eighteen years, Isabella learned that she was a fake daughter. When the real daughter was back, she was abandoned, and she was going to be sent back to a poor mountain village. Unexpectedly, the so-called poor mountain village was the most expensive villa area in the whole country.

Overnight, she changed from a fake daughter of an ordinary wealthy family to a real daughter of a top wealthy family. Her biological parents doted on her like crazy, and they gave her tens of millions of pocket money. She could drive luxury cars in the garage and buy high-end products all over the world.

Did she want to go to school? She could choose from top schools. Did she want to quit school? The company owned by her family was at her disposal! What surprised Isabella the most was that she had a fiancé. Isabella didn’t mind her fiancé coming to her family to break off his engagement to her, but why did he pester her after he asked to break off his engagement to her? He always wanted to hold her hand and kiss her.

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Isabella was annoyed, Sir, who are you? Honey, I’m your man. Oh, I have no man. There is only an ex-fiancé who wanted to break his engagement to me. The world’s richest man, Benjamin Mason, whom everyone feared, fell silent. He wanted to kill that idiot who had asked to break off his engagement to her with great fanfare without even seeing her.

How to Read “Chased Her Around After Breaking off His Engagement” Novel

For those eager to unravel the mysteries and emotions embedded in this novel, the journey begins with the IReader application. Available for free on the Google Play Store, the application provides a seamless platform to access the full novel. Simply install the IReader app, open it, and search for “Chased Her Around After Breaking off His Engagement” in the menu. Alternatively, readers can follow the provided link for quick access: [Chased Her Around After Breaking off His Engagement Novel].

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“Chased Her Around After Breaking off His Engagement” stands as a testament to the author’s ability to intertwine romance with societal intricacies. As readers embark on this literary adventure, they are sure to be captivated by the characters, enthralled by the plot twists, and left pondering the complexities of love and identity. Share your thoughts and reflections on this novel in the comments below, contributing to the collective tapestry of opinions that enrich the reading experience for fellow enthusiasts. Happy reading!

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