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How to Stop a Breakup

How to Stop a Breakup
(The following is an excerpt taken with permission from the breakup support forum at Lifted Hearts. Certain liberties have been taken to correct punctuation and to remove or omit poster's personal information to ensure her privacy.)
By Lifted Hearts member LilyBug

"It's all very simple,” my girlfriend wrote me on Facebook, "you simply must try it!"

What she did not know is that I did try it. The instructions were written all over the Internet…. It read, “click here to learn how to win your ex back”. But it was all garbage. That was until I read Tigress Luv's ‘How to Stop a Breakup’. Oh, my, but that book was gold.

Not only did it tell me tricks and tactics, but also it explained things about human nature that I did not have a clue about before.  It was as if I had been spending my life walking around in a total whiteout, completely unaware to the life around me. I just needed to read those insights so bad.

By the time I had finished reading her book I saw things in a true light for the first time in months. Everything was now making sense. I had an epiphany and I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

All the other books were wrong, as I soon learned. They were cheap copies of her works, simply reworded -- and with so much valuable information omitted – or written by people who could not read or write English and so messed up by poor English translation that the materials were virtually useless, made no sense, and were non-understandable.

I actually felt insulted and scammed by those other books.

If I had followed those so called other ‘experts’ I would have for sure lost all chance of ever learning how to stop a breakup or how to win my ex-boyfriend back.

But her book did exactly what it promised – it showed me how to stop a breakup. It was amazing. That is the reason why I ended up on this forum having become a fan of hers for life now.

Hey, do not get me wrong. There is no such thing as a miracle cure for a broken relationship. It takes perseverance, hard work, and dedication. It also takes a whole lot of knowledge on what you are doing, and Tigress Luv's books armed me with that knowledge.

Did Cameron and I get back together? Well, yes and no. After I read the book on how to stop a breakup and once I applied them to my situation, I realized that my ex-boyfriend and I were all wrong for each other to begin with. So, yes, the method worked out to get him back ... but I decided to end the relationship for good anyway.

The good news is I am now in a new relationship with a man that is much more suited to me (see my post in the 'dating again' forum). The funny thing is that all the great stuff Tigress taught me in her books actually helped me to make sure I caught this man and kept him for good. He is worth keeping, too!

So for all you newbies, hang on. Keep reading her stuff and don't give up hope. I'm so glad I found this place and all of you have become like family to me.

You can read Tigress Luv’s, How to Stop a Breakup, here.




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