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How to Get a Relationship Back

How to Get a Relationship Back and Win Your Ex Back

There used to be a sales page here. Nevertheless, I just removed it. It made me sick for all the years it was online here. Someone talked me into it years ago and I put it up under pressure, but I have despised it ever since. It was your typical online sales pitch … all the hype … but I am sure people are getting tired of Internet hype just as much as I was. It was, quite honestly, embarrassing.

Fact 1. Over 20 years ago I started writing about breakups and relationships. (Having experienced some real tearjerkers myself.) Back then – when I was writing about how to get a relationship back and win your ex back – there were no cell phones, flat screens, or laptops. Well, sure, they may have been around. They also may have had a price tag of $15,000+!

Fact 2. My PDF eBooks have been copied and rewritten by so many people hoping to make a quick buck online. Many of those copies were done by people who cannot read or write English – so you can imagine how messed up their English rewrites were! It is sick how many people will claim to be experts. These so-called how to get a relationship back and win your ex back 'experts' also sell other eBooks whose subjects they claim to be 'experts' on. Such as 'how to get rid of acne'; how to 'sell your home'; how to avoid the 'bird flu'; how to 'survive a nuclear attack'; how to 'improve at golf'; how to give a 'best man toast'; how to 'start a koi pond'; how to 'hypnotize someone'; how to 'get rich'; how to 'take care of your pet parrot'; how to 'make money in trading'; how to 'build an ark'; how to 'cure cancer'. In fact, these people are 'experts' at everything. Funny thing, they not only did not even write the eBooks (hired foreign writers to do it) but they have not even read them. The only thing they are an 'expert' at is stealing other people's works and making money online off their plagiarism.

Fact 3. My reports on how to get a relationship back and win your ex back are not fancy. No super graphics or fancy art; no glittery, matching CD's; no pretty pictures or colorful text boxes. I did not get where I am today by selling people on 'pretty packages'. I am here because I know my stuff and the facts about breakups and winning your ex back better than anybody.

Fact 4. It gets the job done. It shows you how to win your ex back in super easy-to-understand English.

It was written to help one learn how to get a relationship back and win your ex back long before the phrase 'get your ex back' was plastered all over every site you visit. Back then, I sold it through clickbank. That was back in clickbank's infancy – back when companies like that were small and friendly – and had not yet been infiltrated with cons, frauds, shoddy work and plagiarized eBooks. You will see that I do NOT use Clickbank anymore.

Now you can visit my old hype page if you want to; I left it up for you to see. You can take a look at it at this link: how to get a relationship back and win your ex back – but you will not find any of that hype here.


Truth is I sell a PDF report on how to how to get a relationship back and win your ex back and it is what it is. I know people, I know relationships – and, after working with them for well over 20 years – I know breakups, and I know them well. Very well.

I can help you win your ex back and how to get your relationship back. Period. It is all spelled-out in plain English by someone who really is an expert at breakups, and it is easy to do. There are two downloadable PDF reports.

1. Stop a Breakup and Win Your Ex Back
2. How to Win Back Their Attraction

You are welcomed to go to a hyped-up page for these reports at stopping your breakup and winning your ex back reports and pay the full $47, or you are welcomed to get them here and pay almost half of that (only $27 here!). The choice is yours. The point is I refuse to do that hype anymore. Yuk.

The facts are the PDF reports help you win your ex back. They make you feel better about you and about your breakup. They help you get your relationship back -- and make it better than ever. Moreover, they help you become more attractive to the opposite sex in general. You can get the reports right here, right now. They are available to download immediately. If you want them now – and for half the price – then please click the button below.

Best wishes,
Tigress Luv, the Breakup Guru





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